By Angelica Castillo


Why Smart Shirts are the Future of Menswear

Let’s talk about your favorite shirt. You know, the one that can give you a boost of confidence at work or on a date—your go-to. But between washing, drying, ironing, and trips to the dry cleaner, that perfect shirt can be a hassle to take care of. Wouldn’t it be great if there were shirts that allowed you to wear them longer without a whole lot of prep.

“We live in such a fast-paced world. Consumers are looking for clothes that are easier to care for, which in turn makes their lives easier,” says Deepshika Rao, director of product development and merchandising at UNTUCKit. “That’s why we put fabric technology in more than 60 percent of our shirts—to keep people looking great on the go.” 

For UNTUCKit, that means shirts with wrinkle-free treatments to keep them crisp, performance fabrics to repel stains, and new anti-odor technologies that keep you fresh for days. So, if you’re in the market for a new favorite shirt, here are the smart clothing innovations to look out for.


Choosing A Wrinkle Free Shirt

If you’re the type to repeatedly hit snooze, or if you’ve never mastered the art of ironing, a wrinkle-free shirt will be your new best friend. Wrinkle-free shirts are easy to care for and they're the perfect travel shirt when you need to look polished while on the go. UNTUCKit applies its wrinkle-free technology after the garment is constructed. The solution fixes the fabric’s fibers in place, so hydrogen molecules are less likely to loosen and create wrinkles when you wash the garment. This treatment also helps the shirt maintain its color and shape.

It all sounds complicated, but here’s the bottom line: All you have to do is take the shirt out of the dryer immediately and watch the wrinkles disappear. That crisp, neat look will last the entire day. Plus, you’ll save money because you won’t need to wash or dry-clean them as often when using this style of textile.


Why You Need A Performance Shirt


Would you say you perform well under pressure? UNTUCKit performance shirts are the same way. Its tech-packed performance fabric includes UNTUCKit’s famous wrinkle-free treatment—plus moisture-wicking threads that evaporate sweat on contact. If that’s not enough, they also have 2 percent stretch for a soft feel and a comfortable fit that won’t pull or snag. 

They’re perfect for those days when the heat is on, but you still want to look your best for important meetings at work or a weekend outdoors.


Using COOLMAX® To Keep You Cool This Summer

When you’re hot, you can fan yourself, have some water, or find the nearest A/C unit. That’s about it. But what if all that sweat could actually help keep you cool? That’s where COOLMAX® technology comes into play.

Incorporated into UNTUCKit’s performance polos, COOLMAX® fabric creates a noticeable cooling effect from evaporating moisture at the shirt’s surface. This feature regulates body heat and keeps clothing dry, helping you look fresh and polished in even the most stressful situations. The fabric is super lightweight and soft, making it a strong contender for your new favorite shirt.


Avoid Odor With Polygiene® Technology

Telling if a shirt is clean or dirty is as simple as a tried-and-true smell test—one whiff will tell you everything you need to know.  Well, get ready to experience that “nice and fresh” smell all year long. Starting this Fall, UNTUCKIt will introduce Performance+ shirts, which incorporate Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology, silver salt treatment that prevents the spread of odor-causing bacteria. That means, these shirts stay fresh longer, and you get more wear between washes.  

They’re our highest quality, lowest maintenance shirt to date. Better yet, you’ll save time, money, water, and energy with these shirts—all while extending their lifespan. We’re excited to announce this new technology alongside our other smart clothing options that will help you get dressed faster, easier, and most importantly—smarter.