By Chris Lawrence



Untucking your shirt used to be something you did only after a long work week or at the end of a formal event as a way to unwind. It only happened at the end of the day because it generally looked sloppy. Why? Well, wearing a shirt that’s not meant to be untucked exposes your entire shirttail—the part that designed to be tucked in. Not only does it look long and wrinkled, it can make a poor-fitting shirt look even worse.

UNTUCKit was the first brand to solve this problem with shirts specifically to be untucked. That’s because they knew the four cardinal rules of looking great in an untucked shirt. Read on for the most essential tips for going untucked.

Tip #1: Get The Right Length

The key to looking polished while wearing an untucked shirt starts with the hemline—it’s all about getting the right length. You’ll want a shirt that falls at the perfect spot—just about at your mid zipper with a bit of pocket showing—for a look that’s always flattering and easy to wear. UNTUCKit shirts have the perfect untucked length. The fabric is pre-treated so wash after wash, the length stays the same.

    Tip #2: Nail The Fit

Wearing clothes that fit your body well is the best way to look great all the time. If a shirt is too baggy, it looks sloppy. Too tight, and it could look unflattering. The sweet spot is finding a shirt that's tailored to your body. What does that mean? There are few telltale signs. The top of the shirt seams should land on top of your shoulder, not on your biceps. When buttoned, the collar should comfortably fit two fingers. And while standing, you should have no more than three to four inches of extra shirt fabric at your hips.

Want something that fits like a custom shirt but don’t have time to wait for it to be made? You can look to a brand like UNTUCKit that offer you a perfect fit—without the wait or price shock. UNTUCKit has more than 50 fit combinations for guys of all shapes and sizes. These shirts also have a contoured hemline, which is curved along your natural waist and ensures your shirttail will never flap in the wind. Whether prefer a regular, tall, slim, or relaxed fit, UNTUCKit has you covered.

    Tip #3: Find A Wrinkle-Free Option

It’s simple: Shirts, even casual ones look best when they are crisp. Look for shirts that have wrinkle-free treatments so you won’t have to iron them.  More than half of UNTUCKit shirts are wrinkle free, so they always come out looking clean and crisp. Just hang the shirts right out of the dryer, and they’re ready to be worn—no iron necessary.

    Tip #4: Add A Personal Touch

The great thing about untucked shirts is that they’re one of the most versatile things a guy can have in his closet. Grabbing drinks with some friends? Simply roll up your sleeves. Want to wear it to work? They look sharp under a sweater. Untucked shirts also look great over a T-shirt or Henley on the weekend or under a blazer at a networking event. In short, untucked shirts are your style passport for anywhere you want to go—so long as you follow these key tips.