By Sandra Nygaard


Have you ever felt sluggish on a Tuesday and didn’t know why? Whether it’s from a lack of sleep or an old-fashioned caffeine crash, but studies show that you can actually improve your mood, energy level, and thought process by wearing certain colors. 

“Understanding which colors make you feel good about yourself can send your confidence soaring,” says author and color psychologist Angela Wright. She goes on to say that while the results are different for everyone, experimenting with new colors will reveal what she calls your feel-good “personal pallette.”

Skeptical? Not sure where to start? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Try out some of these new mood-enhancing colors for yourself. Check out these new hues and the benefits they bring to your psyche.   

Red: For Energy Without Coffee



Bold colors give us powerful feelings. If your job involves any amount of physical activity (think personal trainer to construction foreman), this strong shade is the one for you. According to studies at Colour Affects, a color think tank, red’s effect isn’t just mental—it’s physical. According to its website, “red stimulates us and raises the pulse rate, giving the impression that time is passing faster than it is.” In other words, wearing red raises your energy level and stimulates your senses.

Pair the red in UNTUCKit’s Cotton Henley and you’ll get a boost of energy—plus the benefits of a supersoft piece that can be worn by itself or under a button-down. If you’re on the verge of presenting your next big idea to the board, try wearing an understated red, like the sun-washed Arlington, to keep yourself motivated.


Blue: For Razor-Sharp Focus




Regardless of your career, we could all use a little extra focus in our workday, and this soothing color just does that. Studies show that blue helps lower your heart rate and can create a feeling of control. In addition to improving your concentration, dark blue shades also subconsciously suggest to your colleagues that you’re trustworthy and reliable.

The dark navy Pique Polo Button-Down will bring you increased attention—and keep you comfortable behind a desk. On the road for a work trip? This baby blue DiMatteo Luxe Wrinkle-Free shirt will keep your look sharp for all your business meetings.


Green: To Keep Your Cool



Deadlines? Long work hours? Pending promotion? If you answered yes to any of these, reach for something green. Why? Studies show this color will help establish a feeling of calm when you don’t have time to relax.   

A grassy shade like the one in this Luxe Tee Button-Down Shirt is particularly relaxing because the color isn’t intense. Bonus: The soft fabric keeps feeling comfortable no matter the situation. If you need to look buttoned up, try a pro move like pairing a white oxford shirt and Constructed Sportcoat with olive green pants to look sporty and sophisticated.


Purple: To Climb the Ladder




When it’s time to get serious, this is your shade. A combination of blue and red, purple adds a sense of depth and complexity to those who wear it. This royal hue evokes diligence rather than playfulness, so it can help managers act the part or junior level associates aim for the top. 

For either role, a sharp Speri Wrinkle Free gingham shirt plays well with a charcoal 5-pocket pant or medium-wash denim. Want something more casual? Try a bolder and more casual pattern, like this Greppo Wrinkle Free option to dial back the intensity.