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NHL Star Brad Richards partners with UNTUCKit

"I need to wear clothing that fits right. This is what makes UNTUCKit so unique —
the fit is always perfect."

- Brad Richards, NHL Star

Look great at work or at play and check out Brad's 5 favorite shirts, or explore all available styles to find your perfect fit today.

 UNTUCKit  Partners With Brad Richards

Brad Richards is not only a standout center for the NY Rangers and Stanley Cup winner and MVP, he is also known for his sense of style off the ice. Not wanting to compromise comfort for fashion, it made perfect sense for him to be the face of Untuckit - great looking shirts, worn untucked. Recently, Esquire magazine sat down with Brad to discuss his partnership with UNTUCKit and share his other fashion favorites:

ESQUIRE: So, tell us how you started working with UNTUCKit.

BRAD RICHARDS: A friend brought me the opportunity. I learned about the company and about Chris — he's a wine lover and an athlete, like me — and just thought it was a good fit. I really like the shirts and what the company was founded on, and knew it would be a great partnership.

ESQ: We already knew you were a man of style, which is why we summoned you to model tailoring for our November issue. And because of that, I know that fit is very, very important to you. Is that what sold you on UNTUCKIt, their emphasis on fit?

BR: Yeah, fit is important for sure, but comfort was the number one draw for me. The shirts look good, but they're also incredibly comfortable, so it worked out perfectly.

ESQ: We loved, by the way, that we shot you in a blue two-button Joseph Abboud suit you brought to the photo shoot yourself. Beyond Abboud — and now, UNTUCKit — are you a fan of any other designers?

BR: I also really like designers like Calvin Klein, Rag & Bone, and John Varvatos.

ESQ: Chris Riccobono's passion for wine inspired the names of the shirts in the line. If you were asked to name a shirt and style after a favored wine, what would it be?

BR: I would name a shirt after Pauillac wine. It's from Bordeaux, my favorite region for drinking wines. Chateau Lafite Rothschild and Chateau Latour are from that region — two of the greatest first growths ever — plus many others.

ESQ: Let's play "Finish the Look." What would you wear with your favorite UNTUCKit shirt?

BR: To me, the perfect outfit would be an UNTUCKit shirt, a Calvin Klein blazer, my favorite Rag & Bone jeans, and some John Varvatos boots.



Brad wearing his favorite Medoc shirt.


 Brad in action for the Black Hawks.

The Cote De Beaune. 
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