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Packing Essentials as Told By a Traveling CEO

Aaron Sanandres

Aaron Sanandres is not only UNTUCKit’s CEO, co-founder, resident foreign language nerd and team cheerleader—but he also commutes weekly from his home in Chicago to our NYC HQ. We figured there is no better man to ask about his travel essentials.


UNTUCKit Saldini1. "The engineering that goes into UNTUCKit’s wrinkle free shirts is pretty incredible. Wash after wash, trip after trip, I am impressed at what the team has accomplished. The Saldini is great because it is a casual take on a business shirt and I find daily reasons to turn to this staple."



 2. "When it is time to head home, I am excited to see my kids and wife, but need to recharge on the plane and maybe get a little nap in so I can give them my best. The Patrimo is straight-up the softest effing sweatshirt around. Cozy and perfect 'pajamas' for the often-often chilly flight."


3. "UNTUCKit has henley options from garment dyed to duo-knit. We actually make 6 unique henleys at this point—but I still turn to the classic waffle knit, Vouvray. Soft, but structured, it is a must-pack item for layering or wearing on its own with good dark jeans."


4. "Flannel is packable and versatile but it is tough to get away with a distinct plaid on repeat when it is your go to “throw on over a tee shirt” on a chilly night option. The Fuigini is a solid, woven 100% cotton option that is handsome, soft and its brushed finish means that it wears extremely well."



5. "UNTUCKit’s new shoes were built with the same mission as our shirts, to redefine casual. The team extended the tongue of a traditional sneaker—much like that of a loafer—making the Drake a wear to the office, wear to happy hour, or wear on the weekend shoe. The Drakes and a pair of gym shoes in my carry-on and I am good for the trip."



6. "Traveling so much, creating a gym uniform takes the thought out of what to pack. My uniform also can’t take up too much space in my luggage. The Clarendon is super-packable, quick-drying shirt and a generous dose of stretch. No other way to say it than THE perfect performance shirt to have on-hand.”


 7. "Embarrassing but true, clothes can start to smell a little stale when packed in a suitcase with your gym shoes. The guys at Way of Will use natural oils to create functional products. Their Clothing Refresh Spray does just what it claims and I am happy to share the good word"


8. "A sturdy, good-looking bag at a relatively reasonable price is a tall order. I have found all of those things in AWAY luggage, and the guarantee for life… yes."

6 Reasons Guys Love UNTUCKit Shirts

Why are GQ, The New York Times and Business Insider paying attention?

Because guys straight-up love UNTUCKit Shirts. These are the reasons why.  



1. The Length. Of course.

It ought to be easy to look smart, casual, and feel comfortable with your shirt untucked. But dress shirts are simply not designed to be worn untucked and it shows. The guys at UNTUCKit did a ton of research to understand where people wanted the shirt to fall - the perfect length. 

These shirts are designed to fall halfway between the belt and the bottom of the zipper, allowing the front pockets to be partially exposed



2. The Fit Options

UNTUCkit shirts are cut in Regular Fit, Slim Fit, Tall Regular Fit, and Tall Slim Fit. With the goal of a custom shirt fit, off-the-rack, UNTUCKit added the Slim and Tall sizing options.  

The slim fit is one inch narrower in the chest and two inches narrower in the waist. The sleeves are also slightly more narrow. It's made for, well, slim people.

Generally for guys around 6'5'' and taller, the Tall options adds 2 inches to both the sleeve and body length. Being able to pair a slim fit with a shirt cut for tall men--instant pro athlete fanbase. 



3. Versatility

Yes, tucking in an UNTUCKit shirt is an option. They're not that short--c'mon. So is paring an UNTUCKit shirt with a slim blazer, wearing it open like a jacket or under a sweater. Each shirt is designed with the goal of it becoming your go-to shirt. The shirt you travel with, leave at the office for a last-minute night out, put on at home when it is chilly... you get the idea.



4. Quality

UNTUCKit no joke believes that there is not a better made, higher quality, more consistently sized shirt on the market at an accessible price. Period. That was the goal from inception. The production team travels the world looking for wrinkle free producers that make a product that can withstand more than 50 washes, and is known for rejecting heaps of shirts simply because plaids don't align just so.



5. Experience

You need a site that's easy to navigate, you need a culture of customer service--one embedded in an oft forgotten motto that "the customer is always right." You need returns and exchanges to be quick and painless, and you NEED to have free shipping. You got it. Always.



6. Refer A Friend

Give a friend 25% off their first purchase; Get $25 off your next purchase. It's as simple as that. 




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