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Thank You, Emergency Services

As you may know, we’re new to the UK, but our team has been blown away by the selflessness and dedication of those working tirelessly on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Florence Nightingale said, “The greatest heroes are those who do their duty in the daily grind of domestic affairs whilst the world whirls."
There is nothing we can do that would adequately show our gratitude for their sacrifices. But we wanted to do something. That’s why we’re making 10,000 free shirts available to emergency services as our collective way of saying thank you for their invaluable work in these trying times.
Please pass this offer on to any emergency services personnel you might know. There’s no requirement to have previously purchased any of our products and this online-only offer is valid while supplies last. 

Please note: This offer is available online only. Only one eligible item can be redeemed at checkout for this offer. UNTUCKit is not able to accept any returns or exchanges as part of this promotion and is not able to refund any shipping costs paid as a result of redemption.

Here's how to get yours:
Use your generated unique code from Blue Light.
Choose from available shirts and use your unique code at checkout
Select low-cost shipping option.
Have any questions? Chat with us here.

Emergency Services

Wrinkle-Free Yanberg ShirtWrinkle-Free Yanberg Shirt Zoom

Blue & White Check

Classic Cotton Boyden ShirtClassic Cotton Boyden Shirt Zoom

Light Blue & Navy Print

Classic Cotton Ansellmo ShirtClassic Cotton Ansellmo Shirt Zoom

Blue & Black Micro Houndstooth

Heavyweight Flannel Vougeot ShirtHeavyweight Flannel Vougeot Shirt Zoom

Blue & Tan Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Durbanville ShirtWrinkle-Free Durbanville Shirt Zoom

Blue & White Check

Flannel Charosa ShirtFlannel Charosa Shirt Zoom

Maroon & Grey Gingham

Wrinkle-Free Performance Flannel ShirtWrinkle-Free Performance Flannel Shirt Zoom

Passaros - Navy Grey & Red Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Ropiteau ShirtWrinkle-Free Ropiteau Shirt Zoom

Blue Green & Red Check

Wrinkle-Free Keermont ShirtWrinkle-Free Keermont Shirt Zoom

Blue & White Stripe

Performance+ Beaumont ShirtPerformance+ Beaumont Shirt Zoom

With Polygiene® Odor Control Technology - Blue & Gray Check

Wrinkle-Free Beringer ShirtWrinkle-Free Beringer Shirt Zoom

White with Pink & Gray Stripes

Classic Cotton Short-Sleeve Pasaeli ShirtClassic Cotton Short-Sleeve Pasaeli Shirt Zoom

Green with Bike Print

Wrinkle-Free Performance Erbach ShirtWrinkle-Free Performance Erbach Shirt Zoom

Navy & Green Check

Wrinkle-Free Flannel Alezio ShirtWrinkle-Free Flannel Alezio Shirt Zoom

Maroon & Navy Check

Wrinkle-Free Casale ShirtWrinkle-Free Casale Shirt Zoom

Blue & White Check

Flannel Vallone ShirtFlannel Vallone Shirt Zoom

Green Black & Navy Plaid

Heavyweight Wrinkle-Free Flannel Sonoraan ShirtHeavyweight Wrinkle-Free Flannel Sonoraan Shirt Zoom
Lightweight Wrinkle-Free Flannel Baron ShirtLightweight Wrinkle-Free Flannel Baron Shirt Zoom

White & Blue & Red Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Givry ShirtWrinkle-Free Givry Shirt Zoom

White & Bright Blue Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Verada ShirtWrinkle-Free Verada Shirt Zoom

Navy & Green Plaid

Flannel Jaxon ShirtFlannel Jaxon Shirt Zoom

Grey Red & White Plaid

Flannel Appellati ShirtFlannel Appellati Shirt Zoom

Tan & Black Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Chevalier ShirtWrinkle-Free Chevalier Shirt Zoom

Wrinkle Free Red Navy & White Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Mendocino ShirtWrinkle-Free Mendocino Shirt Zoom

Navy & White Plaid

Classic Cotton Preston Ridge ShirtClassic Cotton Preston Ridge Shirt Zoom

Navy Green & White Plaid

Classic Cotton Shirt with Star PrintClassic Cotton Shirt with Star Print Zoom

Moreschi - White

Wrinkle-Free Keaton ShirtWrinkle-Free Keaton Shirt Zoom

Green & Light Blue Check

Cotton-Linen Anderson ShirtCotton-Linen Anderson Shirt Zoom

Blue & Gray Check

Wrinkle-Free Castellare ShirtWrinkle-Free Castellare Shirt Zoom

Light Blue with Pink Plaid & Check

Heavyweight Flannel Lucca ShirtHeavyweight Flannel Lucca Shirt Zoom

Gray & Navy Plaid

Performance+ Allendale ShirtPerformance+ Allendale Shirt Zoom

Featuring Polygiene® Odor Control Technology - Blue & Gray Check

Wrinkle-Free Alberto ShirtWrinkle-Free Alberto Shirt Zoom

Blue & Black & Teal Check

Heavyweight Flannel Rondel ShirtHeavyweight Flannel Rondel Shirt Zoom
Performance+ Aubert ShirtPerformance+ Aubert Shirt Zoom

With Polygiene® Odor Control Technology - Maroon & Navy Check

Wrinkle-Free Redaelli ShirtWrinkle-Free Redaelli Shirt Zoom

Blue White & Red Check

Heavyweight Flannel Daumas ShirtHeavyweight Flannel Daumas Shirt Zoom

Bright Red & Navy Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Enanzo ShirtWrinkle-Free Enanzo Shirt Zoom

Blue & Pink Check

Wrinkle-Free Kuleto ShirtWrinkle-Free Kuleto Shirt Zoom

Red & Tan Check

Performance+ Kelowna ShirtPerformance+ Kelowna Shirt Zoom

With Polygiene® Odor Control Technology - Blue & Pink Check

Flannel Tesoro ShirtFlannel Tesoro Shirt Zoom

Red Navy & Grey Small Check

Classic Cotton Shirt with Dot PrintClassic Cotton Shirt with Dot Print Zoom
Classic Cotton Carmenet ShirtClassic Cotton Carmenet Shirt Zoom

Blue & Red Plaid

Flannel Campeneta ShirtFlannel Campeneta Shirt Zoom

Red White & Blue Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Sannino ShirtWrinkle-Free Sannino Shirt Zoom

Light Blue Stripes

Wrinkle-Resistant Linen Torontel ShirtWrinkle-Resistant Linen Torontel Shirt Zoom

Blue & White Check

Wrinkle-Free Brushed Cotton Spotteswoode ShirtWrinkle-Free Brushed Cotton Spotteswoode Shirt Zoom
Performance+ Tramonti ShirtPerformance+ Tramonti Shirt Zoom

With Polygiene® Odor Control Technology - Blue & White Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Performance+ Greves ShirtWrinkle-Free Performance+ Greves Shirt Zoom

Teal with White Windowpane

Classic Cotton Valdonica ShirtClassic Cotton Valdonica Shirt Zoom

White & Black Geo Print

Wrinkle-Free Brushed Cotton Digrazia ShirtWrinkle-Free Brushed Cotton Digrazia Shirt Zoom
Wrinkle-Free Performance+ Macul ShirtWrinkle-Free Performance+ Macul Shirt Zoom

Blue & Red/Pink Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Maxville ShirtWrinkle-Free Maxville Shirt Zoom

Teal with White & Gray Plaid

Classic Short-Sleeve Shirt with Floral PrintClassic Short-Sleeve Shirt with Floral Print Zoom

Gouveia - Green Floral

Flannel Caylise ShirtFlannel Caylise Shirt Zoom

Blue & White Check

Wrinkle-Free Edoardo ShirtWrinkle-Free Edoardo Shirt Zoom

Light Blue with Pink & White Check

Wrinkle-Free Cantabera ShirtWrinkle-Free Cantabera Shirt Zoom

Blue & Black Check

Wrinkle-Free Brushed Cotton Arrowood ShirtWrinkle-Free Brushed Cotton Arrowood Shirt Zoom

Light Blue & Pink Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Roodeberg ShirtWrinkle-Free Roodeberg Shirt Zoom

White with Blue & Gold Check

Performance+ Beaulieu ShirtPerformance+ Beaulieu Shirt Zoom

With Polygiene® Odor Control Technology - Blue & Pink Small Check

Wrinkle-Free Penley ShirtWrinkle-Free Penley Shirt Zoom

White with Black & Teal Check

Wrinkle-Free Performance Boudriotte ShirtWrinkle-Free Performance Boudriotte Shirt Zoom

Purple & Blue Check Performance

Wrinkle-Free Benziger ShirtWrinkle-Free Benziger Shirt Zoom

Gray & Blue Plaid

Performance+ Montecarlo ShirtPerformance+ Montecarlo Shirt Zoom

With Polygiene® Odor Control Technology - Blue & Light Blue Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Giacomo ShirtWrinkle-Free Giacomo Shirt Zoom

Blue Green & Tan Check

Wrinkle-Free Maschitano ShirtWrinkle-Free Maschitano Shirt Zoom

Tan with Blue & White Check

Wrinkle-Resistant Linen Torontel ShirtWrinkle-Resistant Linen Torontel Shirt Zoom

Purple with White & Gray Check

Wrinkle-Free Vicchio ShirtWrinkle-Free Vicchio Shirt Zoom

Light Blue Check

Classic Cotton Roccheta ShirtClassic Cotton Roccheta Shirt Zoom

Green Blue & White Check

Performance+ Morisoli ShirtPerformance+ Morisoli Shirt Zoom

With Polygiene® Odor Control Technology - Blue & Multi Color Check

Wrinkle-Free Performance Stever Hill ShirtWrinkle-Free Performance Stever Hill Shirt Zoom

Blue Red & White Performance Large Check

Wrinkle-Free Performance Montiglet ShirtWrinkle-Free Performance Montiglet Shirt Zoom
Wrinkle-Free Terrantez ShirtWrinkle-Free Terrantez Shirt Zoom

Green & Blue Plaid

Wrinkle-Free Lavaux ShirtWrinkle-Free Lavaux Shirt Zoom

Orange & Blue Check

Wrinkle-Free Seiler ShirtWrinkle-Free Seiler Shirt Zoom

White & Gray Check

Wrinkle-Free Performance Torciano ShirtWrinkle-Free Performance Torciano Shirt Zoom

Blue & Green Check

Classic Short-Sleeve Censio ShirtClassic Short-Sleeve Censio Shirt Zoom

Navy & White Gingham

Lightweight Flannel Cascina ShirtLightweight Flannel Cascina Shirt Zoom

White & Navy & Rose Check

Wrinkle-Free Hopkins ShirtWrinkle-Free Hopkins Shirt Zoom

Blue Yellow & White Check

Wrinkle-Free Travignoli ShirtWrinkle-Free Travignoli Shirt Zoom

Triangle Print

Wrinkle-Free Millbrook ShirtWrinkle-Free Millbrook Shirt Zoom

Burgundy Blue & White Performance Mini Plaid

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